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Let us first look at how a solar water heater works. Solar hot water systems are composed of solar energy collectors, a liquid system to move heat from the extractor to the storage. This system enables you to heat household hot water for a home or for commercial & Industrial uses.

These systems are usually storage systems as well. Depending on the weather, they can heat up to 90% of your water, free of cost, by utilizing the sun's energy. The solar hot water system generally consists of a solar panel located on the roof, facing the north, to heat water, as well as an insulated storage tank to store your hot water. It is reliable doesn't require much maintenance and will last up to 10-15 years.

Solar Hot water systems can reduce the hot water heating costs by 75% - 95%, probably saving you thousand of rupees annually. Solar hot water systems can be cost-competitive any time thus reducing electricity intake by making use of this efficient technology.