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Non Pollutive

Solar water heaters do not pollute. By investing in one, you will be avoiding carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, and the other air pollution and wastes created when your utility generates power or you burn fuel to heat your household water. When a solar water heater replaces an electric water heater, the electricity displaced over 20 years represents more than 50 tons of avoided carbon dioxide emissions alone.

A domestic Uratom system annually prevents the equivalent pollution of one car!

When looked at as a return on investment, a quality Uratom solar system is actually a far better investment than most pension plans. The return on investment on a Uratom system is generally over 5% and it can be as high as 14%. As utility prices rise the return on investment will rise, increasing the original value. More importantly, you own the system; therefore it can never be a bad investment! You can even take it with you if you move!

Uratom Evacuated Solar Tubes are different from any other. A tube will not boil, freeze or corrode. It is lightweight, attractive, maintenance free and pays for itself. It performs well in all weather, operates automatically, has overheating protection built in and is totally safe. This provides a diode function and the important safety protection against overheating. This is unique to Uratom.