Energy Saving Heat Pump

“Uratom” solar Pvt. Ltd. is known as the leading heat pump production and supplier throughout India. Heat pump does a significantly efficient jon in both cooling and heating your home. Domestic air source heat pumps are affordable and are becoming increasingly popular among individual households.An air source heat pump can also be used as an air conditioner.

For Climates with moderate heating and cooling needs, heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners.Like your refrigerator, heat pumps use electricity to move heat from a cool space to a warm space , making the cool space cooler and the warm space warmer. Today's heat pump can reduce your electricity consumption by up to 50% of the heat compared to electric resistant heat. resulting in less energy usage and more cooling comfort in summer months. In almost all parts of the united states the use of air source heat pump has been used for many years.

Heat pumps emit the inside heat and pumps it from the outside, so the insertion of the heat gives the cold air out of the ventrum passing through the heat.the outer side gives worm air with other heat exchanges on the indoor side. the heat exchanger on the indoor side is called an evaporator and the heat exchanger on the outdoor side is called a condenser.

Advantages of Heat Pump
  • Reasonable capital costs
  • Low carbon emissions
  • Easily heat Pump can be installed
  • The lifespan of the heat pump is long in the form
  • Air energy sources do well without damaging the heat pump energy
  • Heat Pump is more secure than combing- based heating system
Heat Pump Features
  • Directly heated, water is to be heated from 55-60 degree, not neccessary - circulation many times, it's convenient and relable.
  • Power coated steel shell.
  • LCD display control panel.
  • Automatic unit an/off timer clock
  • Insufficie water flow protection
  • High low pressure protection
  • Automatic reversing defrosting function enables unit to work reliably in chilling climates.

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