Solar Water Heater (Green Module)

Technical Specifications of Vacuum Tube
Technical Specifications of Vacuum Tube :
Material 1.6mm Borosilicate 3.3 glass
Outer Diameter 58mm / 70mm (whatever applicable)
  (whatever applicable)
Inner tube diameter 47mm / 54mm 
  (whatever applicable)
Tube Length 1800mm / 2100mm 
  (whatever applicable)
Absorptive coating CU - AL - N / SS (Three Layer)
Vacuum P<5 x 10-3 PA
Absorptance > 92%(Am1.5)
Glass thickness 1.6mm
Emittance <8% (80°C)
Thermal expansion 3.3*10-6 °C
Stagnation temperature >200° C
Heat loss ><0.8w/
Maximum strength >0.8 MPa
Technical Specifications for Tank
Technical Specifications for Tank :
Inner Tank 2.5mm Galvanized Iron (G.I) Plazma Welded
Inner Coating High Grade Anti-Corrosive Coating
Outer Cladding 0.45mm Galvanized Iron (G.I) with P P Powder Coating
  P P Powder Coating
Insulation 50mm PUF (38kg. / mt3 density)
Stand 1.6mm (G.I) with P P Powder Coating Or
  30 x 30 x 3mm M.S with P P Powder Coating
Connections 1”
Electric Backup 1.25”
Warrantee 8 Years on Green Model
Monthly Savings Chart
Monthly Savings Chart :
Traditional Energy

150 liter

3-4 Members

300 liter

9-10 Members

500 liter

15-16 Members

2 kw electric heater 625/-* 1250/-* 2080/-*
Natural Gas 523/-* 1046/-* 1744/-*

* Price of electric unit Rs. 4.5 + tax caculation is shown

* price of gas Rs. 40/1kg.

* In calculation, cold water temperature kept at 25°C & Heated temperature at 50°C

Application Areas
  • Chemicals & Fertilizer
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Dairy
  • Boiler Feed
  • Breweries
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Hostels & Canteens/li>
  • Hospital & Nursing Homes
  • Military Barracks & Cantonment
  • Raw Houses
  • Apartments
  • Railways
  • Swimming Pools
Benefits for You
  • Reduction of fossil energy consumption.
  • Substaintial savings on conventional heating bills.
  • Higher predictability of heating costs.
  • Reduced dependence on energy imports.
  • Proven & reliable technology.
  • Get Average 50° to 65°C hot water at any time at almost zero recurring expense
  • 50mm PUF Insulation retains heat for a longer duration
  • Once installed, no worry of frequent maintenance
  • Better and longer Service span of equipment due to large dia. of tube
  • Increased heating efficiency due to specially developed triple coated glass tube
  • 100% dependable compared to Gas & Electric Geyser
  • Keeps environment clean as 100 litres SWH prevent emission of 1.5 tonnes of carbon-dioxide per year
Advantages of VTS
  • Higher Temp. than FPC System.
  • Get Quick Result in Rainy & Cloudy Atmosphere.
  • No Need to Service for Long Time
  • Easy to get Temp. In Hard Water.
  • VTS is Widely Accepted in Cold Countries.
  • VTS is Cheaper than FPC System.
  • No Clogging / Choking

Vacuum tubes assimilate the advanced 12 years of spattering deposition of trivalent element technology, high borosilicate glass, gradual change of CU - AL - N / SS selective complex absorptive coating. And these make vacuum tubes having high performance of absorptance and low reflection ratio. Through the interlayer, vacuum has a unique effect of thermo, with its temperature up to 380° C of idle sunning, performing a strong heating ability.


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