Solar LED Street Light

Across the world, Solar powered lighting is gaining momentum. With the latest technological advancements, solar street lighting system is being widely preferred as the best alternative for the illumination of streets, cross roads, forest area and buildings which are located in areas where electricity is not available.

Uratom, the reputed name in solar products, now brings highly efficient solar LED street lights to illuminate our life, with new found advantages.

By clearly assessing your particular needs, we assist and provide you with a well configured, efficient and reliable product, designed for your specific street lighting application.

Technical Details of different models of Uratom solar LED
Technical Specification 9 W 12 W
Make of LED Fitting Own Own
Brand OF LED Lamp SS/OSRAM/Reputed make SS/OSRAM/Reputed make
Capacity of Battery (in AH) No of Batteries 12 V 42 AH 12 V 75 AH
Back up period of Storage 2days 2days
Make of Battery Reputed make Reputed make
Make of Solar Panel Reputed make Reputed make
Solar Panel Rating (in watt) 40 W 75 W
Height of pole from ground level 4 M 4 M
Guarantee Period 1 YEAR 1 YEAR
Diameter of Pole 2 Inch with coating 2 Inch with coating
Material of Light Fitting Aluminium Casting Aluminium Casting
Rated Lamp life (Average) >50,000 Hrs. >50,000 Hrs.
Color Description Natural White Natural White
Watt per LED 1/1.5 1
Nos of LED 9/6 12
Benefits :
  • Easy operation, eco friendly, efficient
  • Automatic, no need to operate
  • Lowest maintenance
  • Easy to install,
Helping Choose an efficient solar street lighting system:
  • Determine solar radiation
  • Determine sunshine duration
  • Determine climatology at a given latitude
  • Determine how many hours of illuminations is required daily
  • Determine how many days the lights should operate in case of overcast weather
Salient features of LED solar street lighting system are:
  • More than 2 days of autonomy
  • Automatic dusk to dawn controller
  • Highly efficient charge controller
  • Weather proof luminaries
  • Unbreakable solid case
  • Cost Effective
To illuminating streets, pathways, parking lots and signs in location not easily connected to city grid.